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⚡️ Schultz Calls On Ellison To Denounce MPS Discriminatory Teacher Contract

PLYMOUTH, Minn. – Today Republican Minnesota Attorney General candidate Jim Schultz called on Attorney General Keith Ellison to denounce publicly Minneapolis Public Schools’ new teacher contract that provides for racial discrimination in connection with layoff decisions. The contract, which is currently facing legal challenge, is supported by Education Minnesota, who has endorsed Ellison.

“Racial discrimination of any kind in our schools is unlawful and immoral. Minnesota’s Attorney General must state this unequivocally and call for Minneapolis’s contract to be modified immediately.

“Keith Ellison is endorsed and supported by Education Minnesota – the teachers union that supports this disturbing discrimination. I, on the other hand, stand with parents, the many sensible teachers out there, and others who are tired of failing schools that are more focused on ‘woke’ policies than teaching our kids. We can embrace having diverse viewpoints in our schools without engaging in discrimination that is unconstitutional and morally repugnant.

“The question Minnesotans need to ask – does Keith stand with parents and the U.S. Constitution, or with the teachers union executives who support this discriminatory policy?”

About Jim Schultz:

Jim Schultz, a fifth-generation Minnesotan, grew up in the small town of South Haven, Minnesota. His first job was in middle school as a corn detasseler in the fields of Stearns County. From there, he worked as a dishwasher and as a farmhand throughout high school before attending St. Thomas for college. Jim then graduated from Harvard Law School before moving back to the Midwest to begin his career as an attorney in the private sector. Jim currently serves on the board of The Front Line Foundation, a nonprofit supporting police and other first responders. Jim and his wife live in the west metro and are the proud parents of three beautiful little girls. For more information, please visit https://JimForMNAG.com/.

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