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Are School District Taxpayers Being Scammed?

In a lengthy article Check for priors, Prior Lake written by Loren Martell that appeared in the Duluth Reader newspaper, the author warns our School District about the perils of doing business with Nexus Solutions. His article singles out Brent Jones and Michael David, currently principals at Nexus. Jones and David were key players as employees of Johnson Controls, in a $300 million plus Duluth School District project a few years ago. In a reference to the project, a former Duluth City Councilor is reported as saying

If it was possible to do again, I know there’s no way, no way at all, the community would choose the same” and going on it “hasn’t been worth the dollars or the harm it’s done.”

According to the author the result in the Duluth School District has been dismal, stating

Our reserve fund is gone and the budget went south—deficit after deficit. The tax levy jumped from $13 million to $33 million. The difference between these promises and actual results should be the basis for legal prosecution.”

So why a warning to our School District? The author explains,

The devil is spawning. Michael David —and Brent Jones—, have now formed their own company called Nexus.” “Already adept at the tricks of this school-house hustle, Jones and David further honed their expertise at the expense of Duluth taxpayers.”

These are serious allegations. Be reminded that it was the School District/Nexus relationship that prompted Citizens for Accountable Government (CAG) to publicly endorse a “NO” vote on the referendum last spring. We questioned the contract terms, and warned of millions that would flow to Nexus. This latest article ought to be a stark message for our School Board and also a message for taxpayers. We encourage every taxpayer to read, and read carefully, the article which can be found at the following link duluthreader.com/articles/2017/02/09/9088_check_for_priors_prior_lake

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NOTE: Although this article was published on February 9, CAG did not become aware of it until Friday March 3 when a private resident informed us of it, and provided the above link.

Nexus has already been paid almost $9 million for consulting services to the School District, with more to come if the School Board approves their latest proposal, to be voted on at their meeting tonight (Monday March 6).