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Beware The Bottle on The Tire Car Thief Trick

 by Texans Jack & Dodie

Reliable law enforcement sources in San Antonio and Houston, Texas have informed CleverJourneys of an upsurge in “Bottle on the Tire” crimes.

Car jackers, robbers and kidnappers in many states use this method to target victims in parking lots, streets and parks.

They place an empty plastic bottle between the tire and body on the right side of the car.

They wait until the intended victim begins backing up or moving forward in their car.

As the driver backs up or moves forward, he/she starts wheeling the car and hears a strange noise. It’s the bottle bursting/cracking sound. 

The bottle is not in view since it is on the passenger side and can’t be seen from that angle.

In bewilderment, the driver steps out of the car to inspect the problem and is immediately vulnerable.

At this point, the entire car is unlocked, the driver door is wide open, engine is in running mode and the driver is out of the vehicle.

The criminal has multiple options

Steal valuables from the car,

Drive away with the car  

Hold you at gun point to rob, rape or shoot you.

Please share with others so that more people are aware of this dangerous trick. Even if one person is helped from not getting fooled or harmed, it’s worth it.