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Here’s How the Prior Lake-Savage Area School District 719 Wants to Spend Your Referendum Money

The Prior Lake School District wants to spend $129 million to accommodate increased enrollment, and another $21 million for technology. It’s bringing the question to voters in a May 24 referendum. But where and how is that money being spent? The five spread sheets shown below list each project by school and the funding source. Review them carefully and ask yourself how each of them addresses the priority for needed classroom space and academic needs, and the priority to be cost effective. The District chose to put everything in one ballot question. A yes vote means the Administration will get the money to spend, and your property taxes will go up considerably. A no vote sends the spending question back to the school board for consideration of a more fiscally conservative approach.

Five spreadsheets showing Prior Lake School District’s proposed referendum spending.

Click each thumbnail to open a larger image in a new window (and that image can be further enlarged).
Project page 1,Project Page 2,Project Page 3
Project Page 4,Project Page 5