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Letter from the chairman

Letter to our supporters and potential supporters:

If you attended CAG’s Annual meeting, or even just read the article on this website regarding the opportunities for fraud in City government, you are aware that there is a strong need for change in the way the City of Prior Lake does business. To effect change, change in leadership will be needed. Thus the upcoming 2012 elections become critical.

CAG will be actively involved in the upcoming election, making certain that residents have access to factual data and information, by fully vetting potential candidates for City Council, and once again putting on open forums where candidates can present their views. We will make all of this information available to you through this website, through reports and letters to the editor, and the preparation and distribution of brochures community wide.

This effort requires both time and money. We encourage those of you who are interested in helping in this effort with your time, please contact me via email at dickfmn@gmail.com or my cell phone, 612-618-8934. For those of you who can, we encourage you to consider joining CAG and supporting us financially. Annual dues are $20.00 per year. We can also accept contributions up to $99.00 without violating reporting laws. Make your checks payable to CAG or Citizens for Accountable Government and mail them to, Wes Mader, at 3470 Sycamore, Prior Lake MN. We appreciate your support.


Dick Felch, Chair

Citizens for Accountable Government