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Letter: No need for consultant to find new chief


How do you justify paying City Manager Frank Boyles a total compensation of $149,704 when he can’t hire a police chief without hiring a consultant? Perhaps we have a city manager who is clueless to the concerns of Prior Lake residents.

Hearing the residents who spoke at our last city council meeting concerning the Stemmer Ridge Road extension was proof enough for me.

Just about every resident that spoke for or against the Stemmer Ridge Road project expressed a concern about speed and traffic safety. From Fremont Avenue to Northwood Road to County Road 12, the message was the same — excessive speed, pedestrian and traffic safety. These aren’t the only neighborhoods experiencing these problems. Residents along County Road 21 through our city, especially the three parks by the Wagon Bridge, have the same concerns.

We need a police chief who is receptive to our neighborhood concerns, enforcing our traffic laws. The testimonials we heard from residents leads me to believe that it isn’t happening in Prior Lake. Read more from the Prior Lake American