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Temp Jobs Opportunity! Elections Assistants

This was posted in Nextdoor by Heather Gould HR Scott County Business Partners

Elections Assistants (Temp)

Salary $15.00 Hourly

Location Shakopee, MN

Job Type Full Time Temporary

Division Community Services Division

Job Number 2022-00097

Closing Continuous


Job Summary

We are now turning our focus to the general election and our need for temporary staff to assist us with the many, many tasks that are involved in running an election – who knew that it wasn’t just showing up to vote?

Are you someone that is looking for a temporary position and is great with detail? We are looking for people to assist us with Elections this fall.

We are hiring for two different types of positions:

Election judges for absentee ballot board:

This will have an intermittent, rotating schedule. Ballot boards start the week of September 26th and, per statute, have to meet every 5th day, then every 3rd day, then we expand to every day as we get closer to election day. We may schedule more often depending on need, but this would be the minimum. Length of shift would depend on the amount of ballots we have to go through ballot board – it could be an hour, it could be 5 hours and right before the election it could be all day. Flexibility will be the key to success.

Ballot opening starts 1 week prior to the election so that would run November 1st – 8th .

These functions will be done in a conference room that is available for viewing by the public. Our goal is to improve transparency and attempt to remove some of the mystery around elections.

Party balance is required for election judges per MS 204B.19, Subd. 5

Staff for ballot drop sites:

Assistance is needed 9/26-11/7. Hours would be 8-4:30 Monday through Friday with the exception of Saturday November 5th (hours would be 10-3) and Monday November 7th (8-5).

Locations would be various city halls or libraries throughout Scott County.

The work would be clerical in nature (accepting ballots from voters, etc.) It will be in an office setting with high interaction with the public. This work is not able to be done from home.

Minimum Qualifications

Must be available the days and hours listed for the role applying for. Attention to detail is essential. If applying for an absentee ballot board election judge position must be 18 years of age and must be willing to disclose party affiliation.

Selection Process

Selection for this position will be based on a minimum qualifications screening and rating of training and experience. Top candidates will be forwarded to the hiring manager or supervisor for consideration for interview and/or additional assessments. Final selection will include a background check and approval by the County Board.

Agency Scott County (MN)

Address 200 4th Avenue West #201

Shakopee, Minnesota, 55379

Phone 952-496-8103

Website http://www.scottcountymn.gov