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Happy New Year.

We hope you will put Wednesday, January 15 2014 from 7 to 9PM on your New Year’s calendar.  That evening CAG (Citizens’ for Accountable Government) will hold its annual meeting at City Hall.  This meeting is open to the Public, and is for the purpose of informing residents about important issues in our community.  One subject we will focus on is local government spending.  On a 3 to 2 vote the Council has approved a deficit spending budget for 2014 with plans to use City reserves to fuel increased spending. CAG believes this is bad fiscal policy.

We will also be discussing some recent City Hall initiatives that represent a direct affront to the peace and tranquility that neighborhoods deserve.  For example, City Management support for permitting a 600 foot rent-a-slip dock in Boudin’s Bay, in spite of the feelings in the neighborhood, suggests that City Hall isn’t concerned about an evolving adversarial relationship with residents.  Fortunately citizen response from throughout the City caused the petitioner to withdraw his dock permit application.

We sincerely hope you will plan to attend, and that you will invite your friends and neighbors.  CAG’s mission is to continue to be a voice of encouragement and support for local government that is fiscally responsible, transparent in its deliberations and decision making, and accountable to voters and taxpayers.  Your attendance at our annual meeting helps us to accomplish this mission.