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Who Is Nexus

Nexus Solutions is the consultant hired by our School District to manage the Districts referendum funded projects. They were first hired by the District in 2012 immediately after the company was founded. Their website www.nexussolutions.com offers no information on the company’s size in terms of revenue or number of employees, no information mentioning specific clients or projects, no information regarding whether the company has licensed engineers or architects on their Staff, and no listing of executive officers. It does list the names of 3 founders.
A little research indicates the three founders all had previously worked for Johnson Controls Company which is an international company with 30 to 40 billion dollars in sales. Johnson Controls was responsible for implementing a $315 million school project in Duluth that was reportedly completed about 5 years ago. The project was not without controversy. There were numerous allegations made against the School Board and Johnson Controls, specifically related to the amount Johnson Controls was going to be paid, and the procedure by which Johnson Controls was selected. A law suit filed by a group of citizens against Johnson Controls, The Duluth School District, and individual members of the School board was ultimately withdrawn by the plaintiffs.
The Duluth project was dubbed the Duluth School District Red Plan. A Google of this subject on the internet yields almost a million hits regarding cost issues and overruns, procedure, conflict between School Board members, conflict between residents and the District Board, and numerous other issues. If only 10 percent of it is accurate or valid, it’s not a model for building trust between residents and their School District.
What’s most interesting is that in a May 7 Prior Lake American article titled Three questions about the referendum, it is reported that Mike David, one of the Nexus Solutions founders said “their largest project to date, as a company, was a facilities plan worth $315 million”. We presume Mr. David was referring to the Duluth project that he possibly worked on, but that was completed before Nexus came into existence. Assuming we’re correct, it seems most inappropriate to call this a Nexus project when it was not, but it seems even more strange to hold up the controversial Duluth project as an example of his work.
As a privately owned company, Nexus Solutions is not obligated to publicly release their financial report, and we presume they have not made it available to the School District.

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